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LEmonFish Studio

LemonFish Studio is an amalgamation of young talents performing together since 2013, playing at music festivals, private parties, listening rooms, restaurants and breweries all around the country. LemonFish Studio is known for our tight chords, accompanied by guitar, piano, keyboard and modern musical instruments stringed together to bring harmony via tunes. Our repertoire consists of an acoustic variety of pop, rock, jazz, countries, oldies and classics. Some of our renowned works are Hey Life Oru, Enaku Yaar Undu and more rule the playlists on all platforms like Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn and so on. LemonFish Studio is also an avid lyricist familiar with the usage of catchy phrases across the hymns.

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A Music Institute Like No Other

Samuel Vasanth, the founder of LemonFish Studio is a graduate from Trinity College London with the plans of growing his roots in music industry through his lessons and works for all age groups of music enthusiasts. Sam began learning classical guitar at age 8, adding piano at 10 and drums at 12 and has been playing ever since. He splits his time between his performances and teachings, pursuing his musical dreams via LemonFish Studio. 

He has his Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) and Masters in Music (MBA). Additional course on complete music production, mixing & mastering. Highly qualified professional with extensive experience in teaching guitar, piano, keyboard, drums ,acoustic design and production. Hands- on knowledge of digital and analog recording, editing, and mixing equipment. Comprehensive knowledge of various music genres and proficient in studio techniques. Technically accomplished teacher & producer with knowledge of budgeting and financial concerns. Excels at coordinating technical, creative, and logistic aspects of managing a music project. Effective leader who coordinates staff to produce great results every time. Personable communicator who has established excellent professional relationships with many musicians, producers, and key figures in the music industry


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