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An art of producing pleasing or soothing combinations of tones through melody, rhythm, harmony and bunch of love doesn’t need to be studied in a college. 

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What Inspires Us!
“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

- Kahlil Gibran.

What we teach ?


Learning guitar will improve hand-eye coordination giving you a new way of communication and improve your memory.


Playing piano sharpens your fine motor skills, relieves stress, improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination.


Keyboard being a playable and portable acoustic system with metronomes is the perfect way to kickstart your journey.

Music Production

Music production is an essential way of strengthening your speech processing, promote empathy and boost executive brain functions. More than these, it is your way of expressing love towards the world.

Mixing Mastering

When your ultimate aim is to bring out your best in your multi-track recording by level adjustments, panning and time based audio effects such as chorus, delay and reverb, then Mixing Master is your go-to zone.

Samuel Vasanth
Hi there, Samuel Vasanth here, the Founder of LemonFish Studio. I would like to personally thank you first on my behalf and team LemonFish Studio. We are mastered in providing you a complete package of music. Whether you're a motivated beginner or an halfway musician, we are there to guide you on your journey to be a passionate creator.

We, all the same, because...
Music is in our DNA!
Samuel vasanth
Founder, LemonFish Studio.
Relaxed & Friendly

Music classes For All Ages & Level

LemonFish Studio is an amalgamation of young talents performing together since 2013, playing at music festivals, private parties, listening rooms, restaurants and breweries all around the country. LemonFish Studio is known for our tight chords, accompanied by guitar, piano, keyboard and modern musical instruments stringed together to bring harmony via tunes. Our repertoire consists of an acoustic variety of pop, rock, jazz, countries, oldies and classics. Some of our renowned works are Hey Life Oru streamed on Behindwoods Youtube channel, Enaku Yaar Undu,  K tracks and more rule the playlists on all platforms like Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn and so on. LemonFish Studio is also an avid lyricist familiar with the usage of catchy phrases across the hymns.

Samuel Vasanth, the founder of LemonFish Studio is a graduate from Trinity College London with the plans of growing his roots in music industry through his lessons and works for all age groups of music enthusiasts. Sam began learning classical guitar at age 8, adding piano at 10 and drums at 12 and has been playing ever since. He splits his time between his performances and teachings, pursuing his musical dreams via LemonFish Studio. 

Why Lemonfish studio?

Our tailor fit lessons that suits you to the best

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Classes by professionals

Classes by professionals

Personalized training

personalized training

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24/7 support

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What Our Students Say About Us


Finding LemonFish Studio has been an absolute dream thus far. Working closely with Samuel Vasanth has been more helpful. The service is extremely personalised and I feel a real sense of care in the work LemonFish Studio Music do.


Working with LemonFish Studio has surely been a pleasure. Since day one, the staff have been very transparent they take account of the artist's wants or needs. They respond fast when you need help and are nice individuals.


LemonFish Studio Music are a really great option for distributing music. It's a refreshing change to other distributors, where you don't really get to speak to people, and makes the whole process a lot less stressful.


I love how the instructor is really committed to bringing out the best in me and making sure we achieve the objectives I have laid out. Staffs are also very friendly and welcoming!


My 6 year old loves her lessons and has been so excited to come home and practice. She’s making great progress which I attribute to her very supportive teacher whom she adores.


I see my daughter growing in confidence in her music abilities. It comes from experienced teachers that care about her whole person while studying music. I couldn’t ask for better teachers!


Finding LemonFish Studio has been an absolute dream thus far. Working closely with Samuel Vasanth has been more helpful. The service is extremely personalised and I feel a real sense of care in the work LemonFish Studio Music do.

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